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"We are blessed to be in Calistoga, the tip of the beautiful Napa Valley. It is a town full of amazing artisans, chefs and of course winemakers (not to mention wine drinkers). With those winemakers in mind, at Vraison we feel it is our duty to showcase what is great about their craft and the delicious beverage that is wine. This does not mean our wine list is entirely focused on Calistoga, not even close, rather we have a collection of wines from around the world for you to explore. You may not recognize every name on the list, but we have definitely taken the time to find hidden gems. The wine list is meant to be slightly educational, but more importantly fun. In the end it's just wine!"


-Dan Kaiser

Owner/GM/Wine Drinker

Veraison BTG Cocktail List 7.3.20.jpg
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